Car rolled on to Cycle Path (updated)

Lucky no cyclist was using the PSP when a car rolled on to it from the adjacent freeway, as reported in “Perth Now”. A BTA board member contacted MainRoadsWA and asked that the wreck should be removed – that took a while and the car got torched in the meantime.  The board member then questioned why it took so long, as a car wreck on the road would be removed immediately. The answer from MainRoadsWA:

Thank you for your concern regarding warning devices surrounding hazards on Principal Shared Paths.




Main Roads and emergency services always communicate regarding hazards on our road network. Unfortunately we had no prior knowledge of this incident. I can’t confirm if the vehicle was reported to the police as a traffic accident. The vehicle was removed once we were notified. Main Roads do rely on concerned members of the public to report hazards, as our road network is so large. Our contractors perform regular maintenance, when hazards arise we ensure they are removed or repaired shortly after they are reported. As we do understand and value the safety of road users.


Should you require any further assistance, please e-mail or call our 24 hour Contact Centre on 138 138.


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