Minneapolis Mayor has some advice for Oz

It’s so cold in Minneapolis the gears need defrosting, roads are like ice rinks and helmets are strapped over full-face balaclavas.

But the mayor of the favourite city for cycling in the United States says if Minneapolis can achieve what it has, there’s no reason Melbourne and other Australian cities can’t follow.

“My advice to Australian cities which may think they can never aspire to this, is the public is ahead of government when it comes to the bike culture,” he said.

“Get out there and do some things and you’ll be surprised by how much people will come along.”

Minneapolis wants to boost the number of commuters who ride to work [it is currently about 4 per cent, a rate second only to Portland, Oregon, in the US], draw on inspiration from Copenhagen and Amsterdam to create more bike lanes and parking, and encourage more safety and less aggression between drivers and cyclists.

“I was a little brother and it took me a long time to have my brother accept the fact that I belonged in the house too,” Mr Rybak said.

“That’s kind of what it’s like with bikes and cars. The bikes are here, so get over it.”
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