Two Stirling council candidates back cycleways, lower speed limits

Suburban streets that were part of the Perth Bike Network should have a 40kph limit, Stirling City Council Osborne Ward candidate Giovanni Italiano said today.

Residential streets where children play and ride bicycles, skateboards and skates should have the 40kph limit because “we have to do everything we can to protect our kids”, Mr Italiano said.

Improving roads, cycle paths and footpaths was one of his campaign points, he said.

Developing better transport solutions to reduce congestion and alleviate parking problems at railway stations such as Glendalough was another of his campaign points that included better bicycle transport, he said.

He wanted to work with individual cyclists and cycling groups to get the best solutions to cycle path issues.

Mr Italiano has represented the Osborne Ward for four years and has served on Stirling council for a total of 10 years.

Gino Vespoli – a part-time cyclist — also backed lower speed limits on suburban streets and better cycle paths.

“We need to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing things like bike pathways which will encourage not only children but adults as well. It’s very important that we promote bicycling and sports in general because it will keep our children off drugs, out of trouble and they will hang out with children with the same interests.

Being a father of children aged three and seven, he thought it was an excellent idea to reduce the speeds to a safe speed.

He was very community-focussed and would always ensure that the council’s money was spent to the benefit of the community – such as safer ways for kids getting around on bicycles and parks.

Mr Vespoli said he did not have an specific projects in mind but if elected, would call on cyclists and cycling groups for their assistance.

He would seek other councillors’ backing to get Stirling council to support cycling group’s efforts to get the State Government to improve cycle paths.

The candidates were asked:

  • Do you support spending money to get more and better cycleways so that children and adults can ride to the shops, school and sport, work and leisure activities.
  • Do you support lower speed limits in suburban streets where children play and ride their bicycles, skateboards and roller skates.
  • Do you have a specific policy about spending money to make it safer and easier for children and adults to get around your suburb by bicycle.
  • Would you be prepared to get the council to pass a motion asking the State Government to improve commuter cycle paths for which it is responsible through Stirling City Council areas – such as the Principal Shared Path that runs alongside the Mitchell Freeway.

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