11-speed hub gears under $1000

A Shimano 11-speed Alfine hub could be fitted to a wheel for under $1000 if the rim was supplied, Quantum Bicycle Manufacturers in North Perth said today.

The ratios were are 0.527; 0.681; 0.770; 0.878; 0.995; 1.134; 1.292; 1.462; 1.1667; 1.888 and 2.153, a Shimano Australia sales department spokesman said.

The hub could take a disc brake with a centrelock spline, The hub kit consisted of the hub, shifter, finishing kit, a set of non-turn locknuts to fit it to the frame – cassette joint and cassette sprocket, either 18-tooth or 20-tooth, he said.

Sprockets off the Nexus system – from 16-tooth to 23-tooth – also would fit.

The hub had its own Alfine crankset – bottom bracket, chain ring (either a 39-tooth or 45-tooth) and guard, the Shimano spokesman said.

Quantum spokesman Sats Scharf quoted the following prices:

Alfine hub 36 hole black             $580.00

“        “   32    “   silver             $695.00

Outer receiver unit                         $12.00

Oil  – Not supplied with unit          $22.00

Finishing kit                                   $22.00

Rapid fire shifters                           $95.00

Cog 18/22 tooth                              $18.00

1 x wheel build labour                    $66.00

Spokes Sapim S/S 14 gauge             $1.20 ea  Standard spokes

Spokes DT Alfine triple butted         $3.00 ea  To build a very strong wheel.

Rim                                                   Price on application

The quoted prices were subject to change without notice, Mr Scharf said.

It is not necessary to install the specific cranks for the Alfine hub, any single speed crank would do as long as it was a 3/32 chain, which was normal.

“Shimano recommended the Alfine cranks if you want to get it spot on,” he said.

The Alfine cranks cost $145.00, including the bottom bracket and were available in black or silver with a 39 or 45 teeth chainring.

The quoted prices were just for the hub kit and to make up the wheel, he said.

There could other costs such as a rim, new chain required and a disc brake.

Fitting the equipment to the bike also would incur a labour charge, Mr Scharf said.

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