BTA response to the Shenton Park Traffic Management

Shenton Park traffic management intervention plan

The City of Subiaco is seeking public comment on the draft Shenton Park traffic management intervention plan.

The aim of the draft plan is to improve the road environment to meet the current and future demands in the Shenton Park area. It has been developed to improve road safety, cycling routes, pedestrian facilities and bus coverage based on initial public consultation.

Following the closure of the submission period, a further report will be prepared for Council to consider the draft plan in light of the submissions that are received.
BTA has responded as follows:

On Thursday 15th September the Bicycle Transportation Alliance attended the community meeting held at the Shenton Park Community Centre to discuss the proposed Shenton Park Traffic Management Intervention Plan.

Whilst the report has much to commend it, with the proposed reduction in speed limits, (a proven way to reduce fatal accidents amongst vulnerable roads users) we are concerned about the changes to cycle routes proposed in the report and on drawing No. 11-001-3.

1: Installation of cycle lanes on Nicholson and Onslow roads. –  we do not believe that Nicholson Road provides a good cycling environment with it’s extensive on street parking, narrow width coupled with large through and turning traffic volumes plus a steep rise to Rokeby Road.  By comparison Onslow Road with the proposed 40kph speed limit has the potential to be developed as a bicycle boulevard with strong benefits for local cycle and pedestrian movements.

2:  Connections made to existing cycle routes along Stubbs Terrace and Thomas Street – Uncertain what is intended here as an excellent connection to Stubbs Terrace already exists courtesy of the bus bridge with its attached cycleway over the railway at the western end of Aberdare Road.  At the  eastern end, the junction of Aberdare Road with Thomas Street,  there is a signalised crossing into Kings Park  which connects not only to the peripheral cycle path, but also provides access into the park itself.  The report/map proposes using the Shenton Park Railway Station underpass as a major cycle connection.  The underpass is tortuous with very short sight lines, so to propose this as a major cycle connection, has the potential to endanger pedestrians and cyclists alike.  The underpass is only suitable for occasional use by cyclists.

3: Underpasses for Thomas Street near Onslow and Nicholson Roads – Mention was made at the meeting of potential ‘social’ problems with underpasses.  To avoid these problems underpasses need straight sight lines and have substantial throughput of people.  We do not believe this would happen on a connection to Kings Park.  Given the potential cost of constructing these and the low volume of use , we believe the money could be more effectively spent elsewhere to encourage cycle mobility.

4: Removal of existing cycling lane on Aberdare Road – We are unable to see any logic in this proposal.  Aberdare Road is an excellent route for cyclists moving in and through the area as it has the following features

  • Excellent and safe connections to existing cycle paths at both ends. (see point 2)
  • Minimal on street car parking leaving the cycle lanes free of obstruction so that cyclists do not have to move into the main traffic stream in order to pass parked cars
  • Roundabout at the junction with Smyth Road slows traffic speed
  • Proposed roundabout at Derby Road will keep traffic speed low
  • No large shopping centre along the road to generate large volumes of turning traffic
  • A dedicated cyclepath between Derby and Thomas Street so that turning traffic at Hospital Avenue can be avoided by inexperienced cyclists
  • Low volume of heavy vehicle traffic as there is no easy access for large vehicles across or under the railway line.
  • Provides direct access to the QEII Medical Centre for cyclists – more cyclists =  less cars.

Further not only would the removal of the cycle lanes not add any useful space for motor vehicles, but also it is widely recognised that widening roads leads to increased vehicle speeds.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this report.  The BTA is always willing to provide any practical cycling feedback to help in the rejuvenation of cycling in Subiaco.

Yours sincerely

Bicycle Transport Alliance

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