Car parking instead of cycling promotion

We delight in providing expensive facilities for people driving cars. For instance parking at train stations.

The State Government has enough loose change to spend $50mio to build 3000 additional car parking bays near train stations at a cost of at least $16000 each. This does not include the land, which, next to a train station, should be used for apartment buildings. Normally this parking is free. We estimate that the total yearly cost of a parking lot (capital cost, maintenance, loss of opportunity) is about $4000 per year.

A person using public transport is subsidised at about $5.50 per boarding. Add the $10 per day for the free parking, and this person has just received a $20 gift.

If we want to get more people to use bicycles to go to work, we need to invest in infrastructure and road safety. WA is spending about $800mio on roads, $700mio on public transport. The cycling spend should be in proportion to the participation rate we want to achieve. If we want to get 5% of people to ride to work on a bicycle, we need to spend 5% of the above on cycling infrastructure.

That would be about $75mio per year. Not the $2-$3mio we are spending now.

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