Roe Street PSP interruption

On Wednesday, 24 August 2011, the William Street footbridge, known as the Western Concourse, which connects Roe and Wellington streets, will permanently close at the Roe Street end.

Pedestrians will be directed to the Horseshoe Bridge .

The closure of the Western Concourse will also impact the Roe Street section of the shared cycle and pedestrian path under the escalators at the Roe Street end of the Western Concourse.

A 10 metre section of the shared path will be diverted to run along Roe Street before turning back onto the existing path .

A T-Junction with a give-way sign will be installed where the shared path meets the Horseshoe Bridge.

We would greatly appreciate it if you can share this information with your members and contacts.

For more information visit, call 13 62 13 or email

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