Claisebrooke bridge strikes again

Hi There

Just thought I’d drop you an anecdote about how trying to be legal almost got me hospitalised.

I have been regularly riding through the Claisebrook area from South to North crossing over the big footbridge over the inlet.  I decided as a New Years resolution that I wouldn’t cross over the bridge and have started doing a lap round the outside of the inlet.  3 times this year I have had a close encounter on the south side steep blind descent down to the water’s edge, twice with daydreaming pedestrians not keeping left and once with a bike caught in the wrong gear wobbling as he tried to climb the ascent.  Anyway, I keep my head up and speed down so through some preparedness and fortunate timing avoided collisions.

Taking my law abiding New Year’s resolution a step further I was checking the cycling maps as to which paths were shared and discovered that the path on the North side of Claisebrook inlet is not a shared pathway.  As I am over 12, I can’t cycle on it legally.  I started crossing the little bridge at the West End and then going straight onto Henry Lawson Walk and up the hill to Brown St.  Last week, turning right out of Henry Lawson onto Brown I encountered a car pulling out of the driveway opposite which had blindly followed another car out and didn’t see me.  Fortunately as I had just come up a hill my speed was low enough to allow me to swerve and avoid being squashed, but it was the closest I’ve been to being hit in 18months.

4 years of crossing the bridge without incidents versus 3 minor and 1 serious near miss in 6 months of trying to be legal.

It seems odd to me that to be legal I am forced to either risk twisting an ankle walking on boards in clip shoes or forgo a level, open, straight path and take the twisting, blind, steep descent.

It also seems odd that once I get to the North side of the inlet there is no shared path, can you guys do anything about that?

My resolution for the new financial year may be to risk being fined crossing the bridge, it’s less pain and cheaper than twisting an ankle or crashing when taking the more hazardous legal route.


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