2nd Cycling Safety Forum 27.8.10

It is only open to people who attended the first forum.

On behalf of the Road Safety Council the RAC would like to thank you for your participation in the first Cycling Safety Forum held on 14 May 2011. We are pleased to invite you or your nominated representative to participate in the second of the series of Cycling Safety Forums designed to address the involvement of cyclists in serious crashes.

As outlined in the WA Road Safety Strategy Towards Zero, to effectively address road safety in our state we need to strive for a Safe System based on four cornerstones:

safe road use

safe roads and roadsides

safe speeds

safe vehicles

To ensure each of these cornerstones are explored for cyclists, the three forums being held are based on the successful Swedish “OLA” process outlined as follows:

Forum number one will focus on gathering Objective data, including facts, statistics, relevant research, behavioural stud­ies etc.

At the second forum, we will work together using the objective data we have gathered to develop a List of solutions/ actions based on the Safe System approach to road safety.

At the third and final forum we will develop concrete Action plans outlining who will do what, when it will be completed and how it will be evaluated.

The second forum will be held on Saturday 27 August 2011 from 8.45am to 3.30pm at Kings Park Function Centre, Fra­ser Avenue, Kings Park. There is no cost to attend. The date for the third forum is still to be determined.

Responses are essential so to express your interest in participating in the second forum please email tobi­as@impcom.com.au before 19 August 2011.

If you have any queries please telephone Marianne Carey on 9436 4524 or by email to marianne.carey@rac.com.au

Kind regards

Matt Brown

Head of Member Advocacy, RAC

Member, Road Safety Council

Towards zero – on a bicycle was the BTA contribution to the first forum. We were examining  how it feels to be a person riding to work on a bicycle when in a car dominated environment. A background paper to that presentation can be found here.

On the second forum we will be showing a video compilation “Cycling – the good oil”. It showcases how other cities are changing their commuting culture to shift traffic out of cars into more sustainable transport. A summary of the material on the video, and a link to it can be found here.

And here some of the presentations by other speakers:

OLA-1 Towards Zero on a bicycle – final

OLA-1 Donna Edwards – RAC WA

OLA-1 Crash Statistics and Injury Statistics – Information for OLA process for bicyclist crash interventions

OLA-1 Dr Ros Poulos – Uni NSW

OLA-1 Iain Cameron – Office of Road Safety

OLA-1 Colin Ward Main Roads Presentation

OLA-1 Craig Wooldridge – Dept of Transport

OLA-1 Prof Narelle Haworth – CARRSQ

OLA-1 Jillian Woolmer – GO BUG

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