Changes to Roe Street PSP

Cyclists using the PSP along Roe Street and through the City Station should be aware that as from 24th August, as part of the sinking the railway project, most of the eastern (sorry, that should be western) concourse from Roe to Wellington Street that currently feeds into the bus station, will be closed and subsequently demolished.  The PSP which currently passes under the concourse will be removed and the PSP rerouted through the footpath area in front of the escalators. 

 Details here

Cyclists will need to take it easy through here as there is likely to be considerable confusion whilst people sort out where they are going.

Also of concern is the comment made here  ” Converting the current Platform 9 to become an island Platform 8 / 9″ 

Platform 9 is the platform where Midland passengers embark and Fremantle passengers disembark.  It is adjacent to Roe Steet and I can’t see how this can be made into an island platform without removing more of the PSP and requiring cyclists to cross at the Roe/William Street lights

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