Perth Bicycle Network (PBN) Local Government Grants – progress and amount

Department of Transport provides $1M grant funding assistance for cycling infrastructure. This amount has remained constant for several years, even though it is over subscribed by 100%. For 2010/11 it was made up of:

  • 23 local authorities submitting grant applications (19 local authorities awarded)
  • 94 identified projects (58 projects awarded)
  • Total of $2.1M requested ($1M awarded)

Figures released last week by Transport show for 2011/12 that 54 projects requesting $2.1 million were submitted in the PBN Grants Program.  The number of cyclists continue to grow, though the grant funds have remain the same for several year.

Source – Department of Transport

BTA recently wrote to the Minister of Transport relating to the PBN grants and progress of the 2010/11 grant projects as several are incomplete.  Copy of the letter can be located here.

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