Help improve cyclist safety

From RAC:

With the increasing popularity of cycling in Western Australian, the RAC is investigating the current issues facing cyclists and the barriers that prevent people from getting on their bike.

More people are choosing to ride for a variety of reasons such as avoiding traffic congestion, better health, reducing parking costs and to reduce environmental impacts.

Local counts show bike riding is surging, with between 10,000 and 13,000 cyclists riding into the city every weekday during summer and spring, according to the Department of Transport.

But as the popularity of cycling has grown, the number of injuries to cyclists has also increased dramatically. In the decade to 2009, the annual number of deaths and serious injuries for cyclists increased by 56 per cent.

Cyclist safety and accessibility hasn’t been a funding priority in WA and there is much that can be done to protect and encourage those who choose to travel on two wheels.

RAC Head of Member Advocacy Matt Brown said cyclists are increasingly at risk on WA roads and something needs to be done to address this issue.

“The challenge is to provide the appropriate infrastructure to ensure cyclists are safe on the roads and to address the barriers that prevent more people from riding,” Mr Brown said.

“Cyclists know what has to be done to improve the cycle path networks in WA and the hot spots that are continuously a risk for riders and this is their chance to speak up.”

To help identify the issues facing cyclists and the areas where money could be invested to improve the cycling experience for Western Australians, we invite you to complete the RAC’s cycling survey.

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I returned to cycling around 5 years ago, when I decided to start commuting by bike to work. I'm now cycling around 13,500km's annually, and love it.