Amy Gillette Foundations seeks YOUR help to raise $500’000

The AGF has been working for the past 6 months on the concept for an enduring national bike awareness campaign, for the sake of bike riding and all bike riders. We have invited all bike organisations to join with us to develop and promote the campaign, for us all to own and embrace.  While the Foundation’s focus is safety, the campaign will celebrate what we are all here for, more bike riding. Please drop me a line so we can talk about your involvement.

Vision, passion and a creative concept alone is not enough. A campaign of this nature takes money. Today, the AGF through its relationships with SBS and BikeExchange is launching a fundraising drive, to raise $500,000 that will be devoted to the creation of the campaign and underlying programs. If only 2% of Australia’s 3+million bike riders donated, the campaign can be produced this summer.

We are grateful to Mary Safe, and to Phil Liggett and Cadel Evans who had absolutely no hesitation in lending their name and presence to the fundraising drive.

All monies raised will go to a distinct bank account for the campaign.

Below is the promo for the fundraising drive, including a link to the fundraising website. A television commercial featuring Mary Safe and Phil Liggett and produced by SBS, go to air throughout the Tour de France live coverage on SBS each evening. The TVC is loaded onto YouTube here:

Would you please help raise funds for this campaign by sending the promo to your respective organisation’s membership? Your support in this way will make the world of difference.

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