Capital City Planning Framework June 2011 – Draft – we need your help to review

The Department of Planning has recently released:

Capital City Planning Framework

is available for public comment, which closes on 19 September 2011.

We need your help to identify items in the plan so that we can provide a response back.

For example, City of Perth has a proposal for a footbridge to Heirisson Island to the west of The Causeway worth around $10.3million.

The Capital City Planning Framework – Part B – Section 5.3.7 The Bicycle Network – Page 48, shows a proposed recreational cycle route also over Heirisson Island.

Is the north side of this new bridge going to be a footbridge as reported in The West, and consequently, cyclists won’t be able to ride on it?  Or will the State Government build a second bridge for cyclists worth, say, the same $10.3M?

Please take the time to review the Capital City Planning Framework and provide comments back to assist us in responding.

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