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I’ve always been big at raising issues with the cycling infrastructure – it is my daily cycling commute so it is important that it is safe from hazards.  So much so that I developed Australian Cycling Infrastructure Issues (ACII) website.

Recently however, I’ve been raising issues using smartphone applets from NeatStreets.  They currently support Android, I-Phones and Blackberry.

Using the smartphone’s GPS, it records the approximate location of the issue, you can take and upload a photograph and provide a description of the problem.  It is then sent off to NeatStreets who review the request, before forwarding it on to the authority.  I’ve had cases raised where the issue has been sent off to the correct authority prior to me getting home, so very impressed with how this is achieved.

I’ve raised 35 issues in jut over two weeks including:

Flood damage under the Kwinana Fway underpass, Perth – Case no. 10004125

Cracked shared path, Kingsley – Case no. 10004092

Cracked principle shared path, Greenwood Station – Case no. 10004091

Couple of suggestions if you decide to use the NeatStreets applets:

  • Make sure you update the issue, in particular when it is closed
  • If the issue is critical, contact the correct authority directly
  • Check the location determined by the GPS, I’ve had a couple of occasions where the GPS location wasn’t correct
  • Don’t expect the smartphone to work in the rain, either the wetness or the cold, I couldn’t get the touchscreen to work,  and I reported the issue later
  • Try to take a photograph, even if it is dark.  A picture will help with your description of the problem
  • If the issue is located on the boarder line of an authority, put this in the description, this is very applicable with the principle shared paths where generally it is MainRoads who is responsible, not the local authority.
  • The issues are lodged anonymously, which means the authority can’t contact you.  Check the issues you raise regularly in case they need additional information.

Don’t expect miracles with NeatStreets.  For example, the issue raised at Greenwood Station was also raised  on ACII website (issue 191) 12 months ago, and I’ve written off to MainRoads and PTA to attempt to get this area corrected with no luck.  If you don’t see the authority updating NeatStreets, write directly to them requesting when the issue will be resolved (update NeatStreets with responses back).

I’ve provided some suggestions to NeatSteets on some features that I would like to see on their website, and their response back was positive.  For example, you are lodging issues anonymously, which makes it it difficult to try to location the issues you have raised via their website, which NeatStreets are hopeful to provide this functionality soon.

I’ve turned off ACII from lodging issues as NeatStreets is very effective way to raise issues.  The 300 odd issues raised through ACII are still visable, and over time, I will revisit them and record in NeatStreets if they haven’t been resolved.

Help make the cycle paths safer, and report issues through NeatStreets or directly to the correct authority.

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I returned to cycling around 5 years ago, when I decided to start commuting by bike to work. I'm now cycling around 13,500km's annually, and love it.