CPF Media Release: Two in three blame unsafe roads for staying off their bikes

From Cycling Promotion Fund:

A national survey conducted by the Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) and the National Heart Foundation of Australia has found more than 62% of Australians want to be able to ride a bike for transport, but road safety fears are keeping bikes in the shed and off the road.
The data released today at the Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards in Canberra found  that while more than 60% of Australians have access to a bike, almost 70% were not considering cycling for transport in the near future, even though more than half of those would like to.
According to Stephen Hodge spokesperson for the CPF, the main reasons why people were not riding bikes were unsafe road conditions (46%); speed/ volume of traffic (42%); don’t feel safe riding (41%) and a lack of bicycle lanes/ trails (35%).
“With almost a quarter of all respondents believing that cycling is not a safe form of transport,there’s a lot more that governments can be doing to foster a safe cycling culture in our cities and towns,” said Mr Hodge.
“We want to see existing bike lanes connected to each other, dedicated bike lanes physically separated from motor traffic installed and a comprehensive road users education campaign to raise awareness and make cycling safer.”
Interestingly, of respondents who rode, more than 88% rode alone and less than 1% claimed to ride with more than two people, bucking the general perception that cyclists ride in big groups, taking over the road.
“Being active for transport – walking and cycling – has numerous health benefits for the individual and government. Being active for 30 minutes a day can reduce the incidence of heart disease by as much as half. In addition, it improves air quality and saves costs associated with private transport,” said Dr Lyn Roberts, CEO – National, Heart Foundation.
More than 80% of survey respondents believed that the Federal Government should be doing more to promote a cycle safe culture and 70% agreed that the Government should be doing more to encourage cycling to school.
More than 60% of those surveyed wanted the Government to do more to encourage people to ride a bicycle to work and to offer incentives to get more people to use bikes for transport.

Additional statistics provided in the CPF Media Release.

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