The isolated PSP Tonkin to Bassendean

“The work being undertaken on the upstream side will result in a new path surface being constructed. Once that work is completed, Main Roads will begin its work on the new surfacing of the path.” (see below for more details)

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Good afternoon. Thanks for the email. A few things:

My advice is that funding under Roads to Recovery is provided by the Federal Government direct to Local Governments.

As the Guilford Road Bridge is a State owned asset, it would not be eligible for funding under this program.

In relation to the work being undertaken – the pedestrian path on the downstream one side of the bridge is heritage listed and is required to be maintained as a timber plank surface and must be maintained as such by Main Roads. The current work on the upstream side of the bridge where the path is of more recent vintage and not subject to the same heritage constraints. The work being undertaken on the upstream side will result in a new path surface being constructed. However works will be delayed over the next several months as the Water Corporation will be re-lining the major sewerage pipe that runs under the path. To do the re-lining Watercorp must access the pipe through the path. Once that work is completed, Main Roads will begin its work on the new surfacing of the path.

Also, Main Roads is looking at flashing warning lights and these are expected to be in place by tonight.

Thank you

Joey Armenti

Heinrich Benz and Martin Whitley re Bassendean PSP

It appears that MainRoads have decided not to provide safe access from Ashfield to the Tonkin Highway to Bassendean PSP – it’s too expensive. If people riding bicycles or walking or on gopher cars want to use the PSP, they have to cross four lines of relentless traffic – impossible during peak hour, and very uncomfortable most of the day. Near Ashfield train station, on the South Side of Guildford road, the Town of Bassendean runs a centre for seniors and people with disabilities. On Collier road, TADWA runs a centre for people with disabilities. People who want to use their gopher cars to go from one to the other will now have to use an uneven, old concrete-slab footpath. The Town of Bassendean has funded a safe connection from the rail crossing at Collier Road to the share path to TADWA at their own expense. I thought it would have been reasonable for MainRoads to provide at least one centre refuge (traffic lights would have been even better) to get vulnerable road users from the PSP into Ashfield.

Guildford Bridge

The only way for cyclist to cross the river in Guildford is Guildford Bridge. The road is four lanes, narrowing to two lanes over the bridge. The footpaths on both sides are built in timber, which is ageing badly and is causing punctures in bicycles, gopher cars and prams. For that reason more and more cyclists abandon the shared path and are using the road to cross the river. Finding a way to provide a smooth surface, for instance asphalt or some rubber matting, would enable vulnerable road users to cross the bridge safely, in relative comfort and without the fear of punctures. MainRoad insists that, because the bridge is heritage listed and needs to be maintained with ”like materials” nothing can be done. However the bridge has been repaired with steel beams, steel posts, concrete, bitumen and PVC sleeves. It is disappointing that the maintenance that favours cars can use modern materials, but for vulnerable road users this does not seem to be possible. Perhaps somebody can help me to get better outcomes for the above problems?

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