Making roads safer needs more than concrete

From: Heinrich Benz []

Sent: Tuesday, 17 May 2011 11:50 AM

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Subject: Preston Road “upgrade”

To the CEO, Mayor and Councillors:

A number of our members are concerned about the recent modifications to Preston Road. Whilst their effect might be to slow down car drivers, it is of concern that cyclists seem to be used as “human speed cushions”.

We presume that the Council has undertaken a documented Risk Assessment of their new road design prior to its implementation, and we would like to understand the results of this assessment.

Furthermore we would like to understand the outcome of the Road Safety Audit  that you would have carried out prior to implementation.

Already we are receiving anecdotal evidence of cars passing cyclist dangerously. We are worried that before long a cyclist will be harmed on this road.

Please advise how you intend to manage the risks you have created with these road modifications.

Heinrich Benz

Bicycle Transport Alliance

0400 047 349

From East Fremantle Re Preston Point Road Works

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