Prize survey. Do the questionnaire for WA cycling commuters and go in the draw.

Commuting by bike is on the rise and researchers want to find out what helps people decide to ride to work and what deters them.

PhD student Farhana Ahmed, from the Institute of Transport Studies in the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University, is quizzing WA cyclists for the next two weeks through the special WA link below.

She lists the all the survey details, including  the vouchers for bike shops and restaurants on offer, on the opening page.

The survey is open for anyone who ever rides a bike to get around — even just short trips to the shops — and Ms Ahmed wants as many as possible to do it to give the best cross-section of commuter cyclists.

Do it now — the survey link closes at 10pm WA time on 8 May.

Ms Ahmed said the survey is configured so that respondents cannot repeat it.  However, it can distinguish between different email addresses using the same computer; i.e. and

She also is quizzing cyclists in Victoria who are members of Bicycle Victoria but on a different link to keep the WA statistics separate.

Do the WA survey at:

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