Cycling gets a bigger role in transport planning

Cycling would take a bigger role in transport because Bikewest staff would be more directly involved in transport policy and planning, Transport Department executive Luke O’Donoghue said today.

The change was the result of a review instigated last year by new Transport Department Director-General Reece Waldock looking at ways to improve transport, Mr O’Donoghue said.

The result was the Moving People Strategy.

The review also identified that cycling should have more input into the strategy.

Mr Waldock was one of the cyclists on the MPs and Mayors Ride from Parliament House to Burswood during Bike Week last month.

Mr O’Donoghue is the head of the Sustainable and Active Transport Branch of the department.

Active transport was walking and cycling and the branch included public transport, he said.

Bikewest had two sections, one involved in cycling infrastructure and the other involved in the promotion of cycling – such as the annual Bike Week and Cycle Instead in Spring events.

The staff involved in infrastructure – the Perth Bicycle Network and grants for projects – would go into the Integrated Transport Planning Section, which was in the bigger Transport  Policy Systems area, and be involved in the Moving People Strategy.

Integrated Transport Planning was a new area.

Bikewest staff involved in promotion of cycling would continue their programs.

“In relation to cycling, there is no change in terms of programs,” Mr O’Donoghue said.

“But in terms of delivering those programs, there will be some changes.”

Some of the staff would move to other offices in the same building but would still be in contact with their colleagues.

The Transport Department would write to all the stakeholders affected by the changes giving them the details, he said.

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