Avanti and Scott bikes recalled

Several models of Avanti and Scott bicycles sold in the past two years had been recalled, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said.

Clothing could get caught between the upper junction of the chain and chain gear and cause loss of control and injury, the ACCC said in the recall notice.

The bicycles had not been supplied with chain guards as per the requirements of the mandatory standard for pedal bicycles.

The bikes had been sold between July 1, 2009, and April 6 this year, when the recall notice was issued.

Consumers should stop riding the bicycles immediately and contact the Avanti Bicycle Company to be directed to the nearest authorised dealer to have a chain guard fitted, the ACCC said.

The models recalled were: 2010 Avanti ABD Derelict 1, 2010 Avanti Derelict 2, 2010 Avanti Derelict, 2010 Avanti Solo Flat, 2010 Avanti Solo Drop, 2011 Avanti Solo Flat, 2010 Scott Voltage YZ.1, 2010 Voltage YZ.

The identifying features were:  2010 Avanti ABD Derelict 1, U9*; 2010 Avanti Derelict 2, U9*; 2010 Avanti Derelict 3, U9*; 2010 Avanti Solo Flat, U9*; 2010 Avanti Solo Drop, U9*; 2011 Avanti Solo Flat, U0*; 2010 Scott Voltage YZ.1, GK9*; 2010 Voltage YZ.2 GJ9*.

The company’s website is www.avantibikes.com.

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