Every Monday 1730 Short Film Program Northbridge Piazza

Screening will start at 17 30

We will be screening the material below, one disc at the time, every Monday at 1730, starting 11.4. 11

The program might change due to other commitments on the Piazza Screen, and their own website should be used to check closer to the dates.

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 1

31 minutes

Source Name Topic Duration Description
FBB08 Not just clowning around Advocacy 3:30 New York City. People dressed as clowns, on bicycles, cajole and pester car drivers to stay out of bike lanes. Streetfilms production.
SS NYC Janette Sadik-Khan Transport design 11.02 Interview with Janette Sadik Khan, Director of the Department of Transport in New York. “We used to look at streets as utilitarian corridors designed to make traffic flow as fast as possible”. “Design has to for people”. Creation of Plazas and generally giving safe spaces to pedestrians and cyclist. Slowing down traffic.”The feet are driving the traffic pattern here”. New York has the largest  bus fleet in America and the slowest bus speeds in America. Dedicated bus lanes. Protected bike lanes by pushing the parking lane further into the road, and positioning the bicycle lane between the cars and the footpath. “This is the epitomy of a complete street”.
FBB03/08 Training Wheels Fun 2:00 Girl visits friends, removes training wheels, but never manages to ride the bike, and never tries again
SS Biking around town with Randy Cohen Advocacy 4:14 Writer for the New York Times. “Seeing a car in a park is like seeing Mona Lisa splattered with mud”. Talks about cycling in New York, enthusiastically. He talks about Janette Sadik-Khan and her philosophy. “the exercise is not to focus on car movements, but on people movements” and “roads not as conduits for travel, but as public space”
FBB03/08 Crazy Human Powered Things Fun 8:57 Bunch of kids and adolescents construct and ride strange things with wheels. Some quite amazing feats on the ground, and flying…

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 2 to be screend 18.4.11

36 Minutes

Source Name Topic Duration Description
CP Copenhagen City of Cyclists Fun 3:00 Nice images of cycling in Copenhagen, set to pleasant music
SS Bike Copenhagen Advocacy 5:08 Mikael Colville-Anderson explains some of the measures taken in Copenhagen to promote cycling, and demonstrates the effects.
SS Copenhagen through American Eyes Advocacy, Infrastructure 10:45 American Transport and Cycling Advocates visit Copenhagen as part of a Conference, and comment the traffic system. 55% of cyclists in Copenhagen are women. The admiring and critical observations made by the visiting American cycling promoters are directly applicable to Australia, who shares it’s low cycling participation with America.
CP Copenhagen January Cycling Docu 3:52 Even in the middle of winter people commute by bicycle in Copenhagen.
SS Copenhagens Car free and slow speed zones Advocacy, lower speeds 7-22 Jan Gehl comments on the history of car dominance in Copenhagen in the 1970’s, and the improvements since then. The video then shows how well people and business have adapted. Also comments by local politicians, Penelosa and other visitors. It created a people friendly cities. Talks about the importance of lower (car) speeds, down to 15kmh for cars
SS Cycle Chic in Copenhagen and Beyond Life style 3-52 “Cool” cycling, cycling as a life style choice. Cycling is easy, cycling is gorgeous.

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 3 – 25.4.11

28 Minutes

Source Name Topic Duration Description
RN Cycle through London Fun 2:06 A cyclist riding through London experiences some frustration
SS 20 is plenty Advocacy 4:42 How is public space equitable shared between all users? The UK campaign to reduce all residential suburban streets to 20 mph, with some success. The video shows some of the advantages of lower speeds, the increased amenity, reduced noise, increased safety. Many people petition their local councils to implement lower speeds in their area, and there are now about 3 million people in the UK living on low-speed streets.
FBB03/08 Tag Fun 5:20 Fast cyclists and Rollerblader play tag on the streets of London. Fast.
SS Traffic Calming Postcards from London 3-04 Shared spaces in the UK. Examples of designs that advantage pedestrians, including lower car speeds (20 mph). “Maze-like” system of Bollards used to calm residential streets and prevent cars taking shortcuts.
SS London Do it yourself approach to save streets Infrastructure 3-57 DIY streets. The way we design and use our streets has a massive impact on our lives. DIY streets involve the community in a process to re-design local streets. The solution is trialled with straw bales .Plan to extend the project from street level to neighbourhood level.
BMX in Paris Docu 3:39 Street demonstration of BMX skills
RN Poetic BMX’s on stage Fun 2:12 Original title “a vicious cycle”. People on single speed bikes perform on a stage in London, set to classical music.

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 4 – 2.5.11

27 Minutes

Source Name Topic Duration Description
SS Rethinking Streets in Paris Advocacy, lower speeds, urban design 6-10 New mobility in Paris – they are moving away from separating traffic. Traffic users are responsible for all users lighter than they are. Slow cars down. Remove curbs. All users have to be mixed. Focus on people rather than vehicles.
SS Copenhagen Bike Parade Advocacy, fun whilst cycling 3-15 Velo-City Global in Copenhagen June 2010. World Cycling Conference. Clarence Eckerson of Streetfilms comments. Shows delegates, and then documents the Bike Parade as the fun part of the conference. Sort of civilised critical mass, lots of slow cyclists in street clothes, lots of cargo bikes.
CP Moving House by bicycle Docu 3:27 Who needs a moving van if you can organise your bicycle friends to help move your household in Barcelona, using supersized cargo bikes
DoH On yer bike Docu/promo 3:00 A promotion by the WA Department of Housing to encourage it’s employees to use a bicycle to commute to work
CM Cycle Commuting in Brisbane Docu 3:10 For your mental and physical health – avoid the traffic jams and commute by bike into the CBD
BZ (Car) Love affairs Advocacy 4:00 Perth people are in love with their cars, but once a year bicycles are taking the freeway over for a few hours.

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 5 – 9.5.11

31 Minutes

Source Name Topic Duration Description
FBB08 Team Wonderbike Fun/Advocacy 1:30 Bike more,  Drive less. The suited bloke riding to work enjoys his live and gets to work quicker than the stressed car driver.
SS Bicycle locks docu 5:40 How to lock up your bicycle to keep it safe from New York thieves (or not…). An informative and funny critique.
SS Fixing the great mistake – Auto Urban design 3:43 New York how cars took over from people. Historical footage showing the shrinking of footpaths. Current picture of traffic jams. Good DoT and permissive mayor. “Summer Streets”. Urban life is about people in streets.
SS Major Bike Mojo in Minneapolis Infrastructure, Advocacy 6:21 Made themselves the Number 1 cycling city in the USA. $30 million in Federal Funds to increase bicycling.
SS NACTO Cities for cycling Transport Design 3:39 NACTO = National Association of City Transportation Officials. They were invited to Boston, who wants to be the top cycling city in the USA. A meeting of USA cycling planners and advocates, with snapshots of what is happening in American cities re cycling policy and infrastructure
FBB08 Bicycle Jerry Fun (sad 6:48 A retarded kid named bicycle Jerry gets taunted by the bad boys in the street. Eventually he gets accidentally killed, and his tormentor, out of guilt, has a heart failure and dies as well.

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 6 – 16.5.11

33 Minutes

Source Name Topic Duration Description
FBB08 Bicycle Alphabet Advocacy 4:18 Catchy tune, good images, goes through bits needed or encountered when cycling, in the form of a sing along. Funny.
SS Jan Gehl  in New York Urban Design, Advocacy 9:30 Interview with Jan Gehl. He comments on the fabric of society, how the availability of public space brings people out into the streets. He compares Copenhagen with 450 sitting opportunities per 1000 metres of road space with New Yorks 26.
SS David Appleyard Liveable Streets Social Research 5:59 Professor Appleyard revisits three same sized different San Francisco streets but with different levels of car traffic,  and examines the social consequences of traffic on the people. He proves that car traffic has a negative impact on the social interaction between people, their movements and the number of friends they have.
FBB08 DIY: Emancipation 101 Fun 1:00 Clever clip promoting cycling as a measure of personal freedom for women. Good content and message.
SS Tom Vanderbilt talks traffic Traffic, Speed, Advocacy 9:42 Tom Vanderbilt talks about his book “Traffic: Why we drive the way we do and what it says about us”. Pictures of traffic sped up. Drive cam footage, some of it quite astonishing. Driver falling asleep, drivers hitting other cars, running off the road etc. Footage of people texting whilst driving a car. Graph with car speed and impact on pedestrians injuries, connected to loss of eye contact above 20 mph.” Far too easy to get a licence, far too difficult to lose it”. Forgiving roads…”if you reduce speeds, drivers have more time to “forgive” their own errors.

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 7 to be screened 23.5.11

30 Minutes

Name Topic Duration Description
Crazy Human Powered Things Fun 8:57 Bunch of kids and adolescents construct and ride strange things with wheels. Some quite amazing feats on the ground, and flying…
Cycle Chic visits Tokyo Docu 3:40 Observations of cycling in dense Tokyo traffic at night
Trailer Beauty and the Bike Docu 8:00 Adolescent English girls discover that cycling can be cool if you have the right attitude and bike. A visit to Bremen shows them how it’s done.
Portland Boulevards become Greenways Infrastructure, Bike Boulevards 6:54 Portland wants to go from 8% to 25% cycling participation, and they will do this by expanding their network of Bicycle Boulevards, also called “Neighbourhood Greenways”.  This infrastructure will be expanded to ensure that the number of people that live within 800 metres from a bicycle and pedestrian friendly facility increases from less than 25% to over  80% in the next five years. The Greenways will have a 20mph speed.
NYC Streets Memorial Ride Docu 4:17 The ride of silence commemorates the 23 cyclists and hundreds of pedestrians killed on the streets of New York each year. People who have lost friends and family comment.

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 8 to be screened 30.5.11

30 Minutes

Source Name Topic Duration Description
FBB08 Puppy Tales Docu 5:36 People are interviewed about a cyclist who worked as a legendary bike messenger and eventually  disappeared. Observe  the different  messengers that are interviewed to get a feel of their cycling culture in that location. Or is it a mocumentary?
BW San Francisco Critical Mass Docu 4:25 A “out there ”celebration of urban cycling”. Dressed, dressed up or dressed down. Happy cyclists, stationary car drivers, confused police. Halloween theme.
FBB03/08 Hit a Frog Fun 1:30 Cartoon of boy on bike hitting a frog – how long does it take to get over a tragedy
BW Copenhagen Cargo Bikes Docu 1:10 Shows cargo bikes in daily use in Copenhagen, transporting kids, goods, toys, food, adults and everything else.
SS A car free street grows in Queens Advocacy 4:18 Street closure for a summer in New York (two months). They got political and community support. Now everybody thinks it is great.
BZ Ride against warming Docu 1:43 Ride against warming in Perth December 2009. Cyclist meet in Northbridge and then go for a brief ride around town
FBB03/08 Time Bike Fun 9:00 A retro bike turns into a time machine that enables it’s owner to find the right girl in the past

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 9 to be screened 6.6.11

35 Minutes

Source Name Topic Duration Description
FBB08 Bent Docu 7:52 The culture of riding recumbents is on the edge of every day cycling. This documentary observes a gathering of “bent” riders in Oregon, and through interviews explores advantages or using a recumbent bicycle.
FBB08 Tandemonium Docu 3:40 Riding Tandems can be fun, some good tricks and nice scenery
FBB08 Pretzel Ride Docu 4:12 People in Philadelphia ride every Tuesday at midnight to a bakery to buy fresh Pretzels. It has become an “event”
FBB08 Skidders Docu 2:00 The subculture of people who “skid” bikes
FBB08 Unicycle Bastards Docu 5:00 Unicycle Riders in a group – not just in the city, but also on small tracks through the forest.
FBB03/08 Pedicabs in NYC Docu 9:40 New York has developed a subculture of pedicab drivers (and passengers), who talk about their motivation and experience.

Y-cycle 2011 Disc 10 to be screened 13.6.11

30:16 Minutes

Source Name Topic Duration Description
BW Hit the road Fun 3:09 A person using a bicycle to meet his friends in the Perth area
CoP Cycle instead Fun/ad 1:18 Persons cycling in St. Georges Terrace, advertising BikeWeekB
BW Stop Motion Fun 1:23 A cyclist emerges from the water and explores Fremantle
FBB Operation Overhaul Fun 6:44 During the night, a clandestine pair of bike mechanics overhaul a bicycle parked outside
FBB Claire rides a bike Fun 8:06 Claire is living with a man who is mainly interested in hanging around and drinking. Out of necessity she starts riding to work on a bicycle, enjoying herself more and more. As she gets fitter, she gets a better bicycle and eventually leaves her unhealthy boyfriend.
FBB Emancipation:101 Fun 1:06 “The bike has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world”
FBB A bike love story Fun 2:11 In a dreamlike BW sequence a women finds a bicycle , rides it and meets up with a man who invites her for a ride in his cargo bike.
BZ Walk against warming Docu 1:47 Walking against warming in Perth to support the 2009 climate conference
BW Golden Days Docu 2:00 A large group of people use bicycles to get from Perth to the beach

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