Subiaco BUG looks for help on 5.4.11

Volunteers Needed for a Community Managed Cyclist and Pedestrian Survey in Subiaco on Tuesday April 5, 2011.

Subiaco is about to build a roundabout at the intersection of Rokeby and Hamersley Roads at an estimated cost of $180,000.
Hamersley Road is part of the Perth Bicycle Network, and Rokeby Road is the main retail, commercial and cultural centre of Subiaco, yet there has been no study of the potential effects of the roundabout on non-motorised traffic and the surrounding community.

The Subiaco Bicycle Users’ Group (BUG) believes that a Baseline Traffic Study of the Rokeby/Hamersley Road intersection should be conducted before the roundabout is built, so that its effects on all modes of transport and on the amenity of the area can be assessed.

The Subiaco Council recently rejected a Councillor’s proposal for such a Baseline Study.
As a result the Subiaco BUG is organising its own Baseline Study, using volunteers to count pedestrians, bicycles and motorised vehicles passing through the intersection between 7am and 9am on Tuesday 5th April.
The traffic count will be augmented by a video of the intersection taken at the same time, to record current behaviour patterns.

The results of the be compared with the results of future studies, to produce a credible analysis of the long term effects of the roundabout on traffic movements and the amenity of the area.

If you can give half an hour (or more) of your time to this traffic study, please send an email to , giving your contact details and the time you can help (between 7am and 9am on Tuesday 5th April).

PS Can anyone bring along a video camera?

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Miles Dracup and Lee Hemsley
Subiaco Bicycle Users’  Group

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