Fuel prices continue to soar – ride a bike?

From Perth Now:

MOTORISTS driving from Joondalup to work in the CBD are paying almost $40 more a month for fuel than they were just five months ago, as Perth’s petrol prices continue to soar.

Perth’s average monthly unleaded fuel price is set to top $1.40 a litre this month, the first time it has done so since October 2008 amid high oil prices and concerns in the Middle East.

It means the cost of driving has hit Perth commuters hard in the hip pocket, with many who drive to and from work fearing the financial impact as petrol hovers close to the $1.50 a litre mark.

Based on a journey from Joondalup to the city with petrol priced at $1.50 a litre, commuters are paying about $43 a week for fuel. The same daily trip at last November’s $1.20 average would have cost about $34 a week.

Motor Trade Association of WA chief executive Stephen Moir said Perth drivers should get used to paying $1.50 or more for fuel in the lead-up to Easter and possibly beyond.

Solution – ride a bike

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