A rose by any other name . . .

The BTA is now the Bicycle Transport Alliance.

The change from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance was made at the Annual General Meeting on March 14 by a Special Resolution, which required 75 per cent of the members present to vote in favour.  The change was mooted last year but was adjourned while the ramifications – unintended consequences such as cost — were examined thoroughly.

There is still some paperwork to be completed — registering the change registered with the Department of Commerce, changing the name on the website and some other details.

The name was changed because:

  • Most people already think the name is “Bicycle Transport Alliance”,
  • It is much less of a mouthful,
  • It is in keeping with the Australian use of the word transport, rather than the American “transportation”.  At least six people of about 100 surveyed at the Ride to Work Breakfast last year confused us with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in Portland, Oregon.  One accused the secretary of being a Yank and wanted to know why the Yanks were trying to set up a chapter here.  The secretary could not determine whether the person was seriously taking the micky or very seriously confused about bikies and cyclists.

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