Perth CBD a cycling “dead zone”



Perth CBD a cycling “dead zone”

“The City of Perth are actively creating a hostile environment for cyclists throughout the central business district” Bicycle Transportation Alliance of WA President Steven McKiernan said today.

“The current road narrowing works along St Georges Terrace are actively creating traffic conditions that make it unsafe for cyclists travelling to and from work.  The City of Perth have done this despite advice from the Department of Transport that cycle lanes are desperately needed throughout the centre of the city.”

The Transport Minister, the Honourable Troy Buswell, stood up in Parliament last week and declared that the St Georges Terrace bus lane being constructed would not provide adequate space for a bus to safely overtake a bike. (1)

“This is an awful outcome for WA cyclists.  The City of Perth have embarked on a process without taking on advice from the State’s leading traffic engineers and planners within Main Roads WA, Department of Transport and the Public Transport Authority.  They haven’t even listened to their cycling consultation process from last year.”

“Cycling in Perth should be made more accessible and efficient, not this active strategy of antagonism and lacklustre planning” he said.

“With the announcement of the Perth Waterfront Project at Barrack Street Jetty, Perth’s cycling commuters will lose another significant east-west direct commuting route.  The proposed replacement forces commuting and fitness cyclists in direct confrontation with a high density pedestrian environment” he said.

“The Northbridge Link Project is going to severely disrupt both Roe Street and Wellington Street as a means to traverse the city.”

“Hay Street and Murray Street are one way systems with pedestrian malls where cyclists are not permitted to ride their bikes.”

“Despite all their fine talk from last year about making Perth a ‘cycling friendly city’ instead the City of Perth has created a cycling dead zone across the entire CBD, making unsafe environments for cyclists, bus drivers and pedestrians.”

“We have yet to see how City of Perth intend to use their consultation from last year.  They haven’t shown so far that they have listened.”

“Many more people are realising that cycling provides a healthy, quick and cheap way to commute to work in a metropolitan area that is struggling under traffic congestion.  The City of Perth has a lot more to do to demonstrate that they are serious about creating a city for active healthy people.”

Media contact: Steven McKiernan. M) 0419 942 111.

(1)   Legislative Assembly Hansard Thursday, 17 February 2011, pp 77-8

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