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The Perth to Fremantle bicycle route effectively started at the ramp down from the pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the railway at Milligan Street.  The route ran between the southern side of the railway and the then public car park, to pass, adjacent to Market Street, under the Mitchell Freeway bridges.

With the start of construction of the Perth Arena and the bus bridge, the ramp and section of the bicycle path from the ramp to the Elder Street overpass was removed, and the bicycle path rerouted around the Arena building site.

The new route is clearly inferior not only in being longer but significantly more dangerous with two blind corners, two road crossings (one with traffic lights), a scaffolding ‘tunnel’ and an intensive pedestrian/cyclist mix.

As there was a clear understanding that the rerouting would be a temporary arrangement whilst construction was in progress, local bicycle organisations were content to accept this inconvenience.

Current bicycle counters along this route show slightly less than 240,000 bicycle journeys annually.

With the completion and opening of the bus bridge there now appears the opportunity to reinstate the original bicycle path, reducing congestion on the Wellington Street footpath and enhancing cyclist and pedestrian safety.

We would suggest that the reinstated route should ramp down from the bridge at a point slightly closer to the railway than the original ramp, to touch down between the busway and the railway, passing on the northern side of the bus bridge to rejoin the existing bicycle path.

The route proposed will improve safety for everyone, particularly Arena patrons, by diverting a large numbers of pedestrian and cyclist that have to currently cross the access routes to the Arena.

(The Answer from EPRA is here)

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