Cycling injuries 2006/07

Land transport accidents in Australia 2006/07:

17.8% were cyclists, an increase of 47% over 00/01 (Total: 52066 persons seriously injured)

39% of children 5-17 years seriously injured were cyclists.

Pedestrians were more likely to sustain a “high threat to life” injury than any other road user group.


– When considering the low cycling participation rates in Australia (approx 1.5% of commuting trips), the rate of cycling injuries is disproportionately high.

– The graph on page 37 of the report illustrates that pedestrians spend more time in hospital than anybody else

– Interesting to note that the second most frequent injury for cyclists is the head (24%), whilst shoulder and upper limbs account for 43%.

A more extensive summary can be found on the website of Aushiker.

The report can be downloaded here

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