BTA comments on congested traffic

Published in The West Australian 1.9.2010

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The West Australian

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Re: Perth Roads and Traffic.

Whilst we look in awe at the prospect of millions of cars on Perth Roads, and ever increasing traffic congestion, we are unable or unwilling to make the switch to active transport. All car drivers are aware of a substantial drop in commuting times during school holidays. About 18% of morning rush hour traffic between 8 AM and 9 AM is generated by parents dropping their kids off at school. In many cases the children would be happy to walk or cycle to school, but the parents don’t have the time to accompany them – they rather spend the time sitting in traffic moving like molasses.

We need to move about 18% of people from the roads to other means of transport, including cycling, which is the cheapest option to commute into the CBD. A fit cyclist travels from Joondalup to the CBD in an hour, door to door, and does not have to worry about parking. Instead of wasting $2.1billion in lost time and smog related health problems, we would be better off to complete the Perth Bike Network, integrate active and public transport and provide more trains and buses. The Perth Parking Levy fund has about $17million crying out to be spent on more CAT buses and better facilities for people on foot or on bicycles accessing the CBD.

Heinrich Benz,  Bicycle Transportation Alliance, 2, Delhi Street, West Perth WA 6005

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