Sunday Times and Perth Voice

Chris Robinson writes in the Sunday Times about CBD access, including safe cycling use of St. Georges Terrace. Simon O’Brien pointed to $14 million being spent “building and upgrading cycling paths”. Not really relevant in this case, as none of it was spent on the CBD. The $14 million would include the $2.5 million that Bikewest spends on infrastructure (including over $1million of pre-funding for the Tonkin Highway to Bassendean PSP). The rest would be in far away projects such as the Shared Path along the southern freeway extension.

Trevor Paddenburg also writes in the Sunday Times Commuters feel the pinch, exploring the congested peak hour traffic on public transport. PTA points to their own survey which indicates 93% of train passengers were satisfied, a nice contrast to the 50% who did not like to use trains because of overcrowding (based on an RAC survey). This article contains a nice photo of the BTA convenor Steven McKiernan, crowded in by cars and looking worried. Perhaps it was something he had for breakfast….

The Perth Voice suggests that people should Have their say in the Perth Bike Plan. Peter Monks of the Perth City Council confirms that no safe cycling infrastructure is planned for the re-vamped St.Georges Terrace, and Simon O’Brien still cannot tell how the Government intends to spend the $17 million parkin levy revenue that should be spent on vulnerable road users and CAT buses.

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