No “Dead cyclist down the drain in cemetery”

Thanks to the  Metropolitan Cemeteries Board for quick attention to a problem reported to them on the 9.7.10


Attached is the picture of the hazardous drain cover at Canning Avenue and Tangney Drive.  It is pretty much in line with cyclists riding through from Nedlands to the cycleway on the other side of the railway line.  Could I suggest that you get crossbars welded on it, turning it 90 degrees will not really fix the problem.  There probably will be other, similar drain covers around the cemetery which could be equally hazardous.  The only people who tend to notice them are people on bicycles.


Problem solved 16.7.10


The dangerous grate on the corner of Tangey and Canning Road at Karrakatta cemetery has been flat bar welded as has the grate I found on the Cortege entrance off Railway Road. The cemetery operations staff are spotting for any other hazardous grates and will be similarly fixed if found.

I have also requested assistance from our other Coordinator Operations staff based at Fremantle cemetery and Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park. The Coordinator at Pinnaroo, a fellow bike rider, has let me know he considers the grates at Pinnaroo, Midland and Guildford cemeteries to be safe.

I’m yet to hear back from Fremantle cemetery, which also looks after Rockingham Regional Memorial Park in Baldivis. I’ll let you know when I do.


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