More cars than sense

The Sunday Times (our flagship Sunday Paper in Perth) has written a “Special report – The truth about our slow trawl freeways and why it’s going to get worse with even more traffic congestion” (Sunday Times 18.7.10 50000 more cars) and explained that we will have 50000 more cars on the road in WA in five years. A test during peak hours showed an average speed of 22 km/h for a trip from Coburn to Hay Street. Sounds like the average speed of a cyclist….. Mainroads is going to solve the problem with fibre optics.

I love the papers….to start with, why is it a given that there will be 50,000 more cars on the road? Is it because the alternatives are just not talked about, especially not by the “experts” that were interviewed for the article?

I am going to send Simon O’Brien a “one car less” sticker and a BTA key ring as thanks for being the only person interviewed who mentioned walking and cycling as possible solutions.

Now for some fun figures:

Perhaps about 500 000 to 600 000 cars on these freeways on an average weekday day

Perhaps about 9000 cyclists counted on the various cycle counters on an average weekday

Problem: Need to soak up the projected 50000 additional car trips?

Solution: Increase cycling participation from the current approx 1.6 to about 9% (like lousy weather cities such as Zurich)

Too easy!!!

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