Shared Path – Riverside Drive near The Narrows

Bad news.
The Riverside Drive path has been damaged by river wall construction works, and will now be closed for another three months.
A detour will be put in place, via two underpasses and crossing Riverside Drive to the east of the Narrows.
BTAWA and Cyclist Action Group are currently discussing options for the safety and efficacy of the detour.
Excerpt from some emails earlier today:

With the need to close off the Shared Path adjacent to the section of Riverside Drive, a detour will be implemented along another existing Shared Path in the vicinity.

The detour will be set up to direct Path users along the route shown in red on the attachment. At the end adjacent to the Narrows Bridge there is an existing road crossing which is currently used by pedestrians and cyclists and it reconnects to the Path alongside the river through an underpass near the flagpole. There is an additional distance of 140m, via the detour route, between the existing road crossover and the underpass.

The existing Shared Path will be incorporated into the worksite due to the restrictive area available for plant and materials from tomorrow, as the Contractor commences work on two fronts at the site.

A walk through of the detour route has been carried out by Main Roads and the Contractor’s Traffic Manager and the detour path is considered to be in good condition. Please remind your members that it is a Shared Path and courtesy is to be extended to all users.

Update 23-Jun-2010 – diversion is now in place – see BikeWest’s site, which indicates:
“The shared path east of the Narrows Bridge, adjacent to Riverside Drive, will be closed from June 23 until the completion of River-wall works in September. A detour is in place along an existing shared path in the area.”

Additional updates will be provided when known.  This is not an ideal solution and cyclists should take care when crossing Riverside Drive.

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