Active transportation to school – why care?

Just some random thoughts that come up when I am frustrated watching moms (and dads) creating congestion in front of the school, and in their nervous search for a parking lot closer than their home, endanger the kids who cycle and walk.

Apart from the problems caused by parents driving their kids to school such as pollution, congestion in front of the school and endangering kids, there are positive reason to walk or cycle to school.

Active living research published a study by Associate Professor Stewart Trost  in 2007. The paper analysed fourteen previous studies involving 58000 Students in the US, UK Hong Kong and Australia and suggested that “kids who are physically active and fit are likely to have stronger academic performance”. It also found that physical activity improved on-task class room behaviour. The US Department of Health agrees in a 129 page 2010 report “ The association between school based physical activity … and academic performance”. In part it examined studies focusing on the academic performance of students who participated in after school physical programs and found one or more positive association in all of the nineteen studies.

In clear text that means if you walk or cycle with your children to school, they are more able to pay attention and are likely to improve their school results.

It is one of the aims of the BTA to work with decision makers towards a suburban environment that encourages a safe, active  journey to school for West Austalian students.

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