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Duration Title Comment
1 5:09 Copenhagen Cycling in Copenhagen. They spent 30 years to establish cycling as a feasible alternative.37% of commuters cycle. 55% of all trips (shops, school, etc). Aim for 2015: 50% of commuters. Showcase for cycling solutions that work.
2 3:09 Bike lanes Cyclists dressed as clowns educated car drivers who ignore cycle lanes in New York City
3 10:00 Bogota A film crew from America explores and comments on urban design and traffic planning in Bogota In ten years the city changed from a car  congested nightmare to a people friendly sustainable transport system.
4 1:05 Safer Bike Lanes This traffic Engineering solution puts cycle lanes next to footpaths, and moves car parking further out. Examples from around the world are shown to support this safe solution.
5 2:12 Fixies Poetic film celebrating the feat of BMX cyclists in London
6 3:00 Portland Cycle Boulevards Bicycle boulevards prioritise cycling and pedestrian traffic without excluding cars. Engineering measures slow cars to a speed similar to bicycles, creating a safer environment
7 5:40 Bicycle locks How to lock up your bicycle to keep it safe from New York thieves (or not…). An informative and funny critique.
8 2:53 Urban cycling Summarising the infrastructure and the environment needed to encourage cycling as an everyday activity. Comprehensive yet light harted.
9 3:51 In love with cars? Perth film using images from the 2008 Freeway bike hike to comment that West Australians prefer cars to active transport
10 1:57 Vancouver Cycle to work to beat the congestion caused by the Olympic winter games.
11 10.42 Community Intersections In Portland citizens decorate and paint intersections to slow traffic and to create a sense of community.
12 2:20 Super(bike)man A fantasy of change from a boring cleaning job to a joyful super(bike)man
13 8:25 Paris The Parisian Velib is a free bicycle share scheme with over 20000 bicycles and over 1400 exchange locations and over 3 million subscribers.
14 1:20 Pedestrian crossing A crosswalk crossing a busy street in Seattle is using pressure activated flashing light set into the road surface for safer crossing.
15 4:00 Seattle Mayoral ride The mayor of Seattle commutes to work by bike and guides us around the city showing infrastructure changes the encourage cycling
16 2:06 London A frustrated cyclist poetically battles cars in London
17 9:49 1world 2wheels John Burke, CEO of Trek cycles, talks about problems and solutions in the USA. Obesity, traffic congestion, urbanisation and pollution. “Cycling is our greatest opportunity”. This needs a bicycle friendly world.
18 1:43 Ride against warming Perth cyclist gather in a demonstration to support the climate conference in Copenhagen
19 3:13 Brisbane A look at commuter cycling in Brisbane, the good and the bad
20 3:39 BMX in Paris Street demonstration of BMX skills
21 3:35 World Bicycle for a day The whole world for one day can get together to do something that is healthy, political and fun: ride a bicycle. A report from New York
22 1:33 Contra-flow bike lanes The provision of contra-flow bike lanes makes it easier for cyclist to choose a direct route to their destination. Examples from all over the world
23 4:15 The race A cyclist, a car driver and a user of public transport compete in a commuting race through New York City. (Spoiler alert: the cyclist wins…)

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