UK cycling success could work here too

A sustained yearly investment of approx $16 per person per year was used in six UK localities to promote cycling. (For Perth, this would be about $16 million, the figure we have suggested as an appropriate infrastructure spend to the Acting Director General of Transport last year….).

The report concludes  “…If the level of growth seen across the six towns is sustained for twenty years, cycling trips will increase five fold. This will have a transformative effect on health and make a major contribution to cutting carbon emissions and congestion.”

The UK “Schools and Young People” Programme will involve, amongst other measures, creating wide extension of 20 mph zones and experimentation with “cycle priority” routes on selected urban minor roads.

Other interesting snippets from the report:

–         Cycling to work is more effective in neighbourhoods where high quality direct cycling routes to the town centre have been provided.

–         Wider initiatives, such as congestion charges and 20 mph limits on minor roads have a great impact on cycling.

–         There is little evidence that broad spectrum activities such as mass rides and charity events encourage new cyclists

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