2 slug it out in bike rage

Another little story in the Post

A stoush in Subiaco between a cyclist and driver is being investigated by police.

Witnesses say a fight broke out between the two men last Saturday morning on Subiaco Square Road, in between shops and the train station.  The cyclist knocked on the window of a black SUV, then there was shouting. There was a tussle and the pair had to be separated by forensic police, who were investigating the suspected skimming of a bank ATM.

A police spokeswoman said no charges had been laid

“Bike rage” – well I know I’m biased, but I doubt few, if any, cyclist takes this sort of action without severe provocation, and by that I mean they feel their safety has been severly compromised.  I suspect a more correct headline would be “car driver refuses to acknowledge dangerous driving”  or perhaps “car driver demonstrates total lack of knowledge of road rules”.

I have noticed over many years of commuting using cars, motorcycles and bicycles, that there are a significant number of drivers who effectively use their cars as weapons, either to enforce their ‘right of way’ or generally as an expression of their displeasure.  This may result in the occasional paint scrape when contact is made with other cars, but the consequences to motorcyclists and cyclists can be dire.  A pedestrian walking down the footpath waving a bit of 4×2 at anyone they passed would be arrested, so why are we so lenient on car drivers?  Probably because it is so difficult to prove intent when given the usual ‘but I didn’t see the cyclist’ excuse.  It is for this reason that continental europe has enacted legislation that assumes in any cycle/car collision, the car driver is always at fault, until presumably, proven otherwise.  We could do with similar legislation in Australia to protect vulnerable road users.

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