Broken Folder

The bike has been creaking increasingly loudly over the last few weeks, loud enough for pedestrians to look with concern and step rapidly aside.  I thought it was the adjustable handlebar stem becoming too adjustable, but despite dismantling it I couldn’t find any cracks indicating forthcoming failure.  So I reassembled and reset to a more upright riding position and set gently off for work.  After stoppng in Subi whilst the painters moved their cherry picker, I sent off again.  I glanced down to check the road surface and noticed that my front wheel no longer lined up with my rear wheel – just like one of those swing bikes that were popular with the kids some years ago.  I quickly but gently dismounted.  The weld on the folding hinge had broken away.  Wheeled the bike on the train and went home.  Now to check the warranty to see if the frame is still covered after 6 years of commuting.

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