$18 billion cost of road carnage

“A Federal Government report released yesterday revealed the 653,853 road crashes across Australia in 2006 cost the nation $18 billion, caused the deaths of 1602 people and put 31,204 people in hospital.”

I recently had a discussion with the Office of Road Safety, trying to get them interested in “retrofitting” a suburb with all the measures that would be required to create a slower road environment – spending perhaps $50 million in the process. Slower driven speeds would create a safer environment for vulnerable road users, and make the use of cars less attractive. Perhaps if the negligent driver that caused the cyclist Symon Still to become a paraplegic had driven slower, the results would have been less severe.

As long as we are not prepared to spend 1-2% of the cost of road crashes trying to shift people from cars to other modes of transport the carnage will continue.

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