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“Revolution on the Roads”

Australian Financial Review 22.1.10

Some quotes:

Alton Twine, Director QLD Dept of Transport: “Active transport has been a poor cousin for a long time and we are onlz just now starting to realise how good it can be”. He also suggests that cycling takes up 1% of trips taken, but does not attract anywhere near that level of funding.

Tim Pallas, State Roads Minister, VIC explains that having commuters on bikes relieves pressure elsewhere in the system, would save the government having to buy 100 trams or 19 metro trains.

Spending on Bicycles planned over the next four years: Sydney: $76 millions, Brisbane $100 millions. QLD $556 millions over next twenty years, VIC $100 million to 2014.

In the meantime, cycling for everyday transport hardly exists in WA…

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REVOLUTION ON THE ROADS – Cycling – Fin.Review 22.1.10

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