Cycling injuries underestimated

Cyclist Injuries Underestimated

(Two wheels are good, but four wheels are better, specially if they come with 1000 kg of metal)

Comparing police accident data and  hospital records shows that cycling injuries are underreported. Associate Professor Drew Richardson, Chair of Road Trauma and Emergency Medicine at the Canberra Hospital found that only 2% of all injuries were on the police data base. With bike crashes accounting for 10% to 20% of all road trauma injuries, Professor Richardson advocates segregation of cyclists from motor vehicles.

The head of emergency at the Sandringham Hospital in Melbourne, Dr. James Taylor, talks about an epidemic of cycling injuries of men in their productive years.

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Professor Mike Gill from the University of Surrey analysed hospital admission in England over a period of six years, and found there were more admissions for pedestrians and cyclists than injuries to car occupants. He calls for a safe traffic environment for pedestrians and cyclists, including the separation from motorists. He observed that injuries in the UK are three times higher than in the Netherlands and Denmark, which shows the scope for intervention.

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