website updates

We are gradually updating the website content with entries in ‘About us’, ‘Everyday Cycling’ and ‘Advocacy’ sections.  More to come , comments welcome .

If you have recently had your bike stolen, let us know and we will list (for free) the details in ‘our stolen bikes’ section.

We are also preparing a cycling events calendar for 2010.  So if you are planning to hold any type of cycling event in WA in 2010, race, community ride, BMX, touring, HPV gathering or workshop, we would love to hear from you so we can include your event (for free) in the calendar.  The calendar will be in chrononlogical order, showing the event name, a brief description and who to contact for more details.  We hope this will be of use to both riders who can see what is on on any date, and help event planners to avoid clashing dates.

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