December 09 Meeting Report

Website and computer
– Added more content, mainly by Edwin and Heinrich
– Added membership renewal payments and new member applications. Had first membership renewal via PayPal.
– Progressing grant application via Lotteries West

“Community Roads” in Bassendean: Meetings with ToB Councillor, phone calls and correspondence with Director Community Development ToB. Trying to get Bassendean to apply for grants for Cycle Plan, extension of PSP over the river and Bikeweek 2010 activities. Posted outline document on our website. Spoke to Office of Road Safety re low-speed trial in Bassendean – funding has expired, ORS is lukewarm. Will meet with ORS Jon Gibson in January to re-discuss.-
City West PSP: Analysed MainRoads data and put on our website. Wrote to John Hyde, Margaret Quirk, Ken Travers.-
Airport Access: Spoke to Menno Henneveld re train instead of cars at airport at Institute of Engineers Lunch Meeting.-
Met with DPI and discussed Bikeweek 2010, Citywest PSP, Bassendean PSP-
Cycling Representation on the Road Safety Council – organised meeting in January with ORS to discusss.
Wrote to Simon O’Brien asking what cycling projects are funded from parking levy
Wrote to City of Perth re St.Georges Terrace – not a bicycle in sight in new plans. Met with CoP cycling officer.
Hazard Reports of last three months mapped on Google Maps (via RolandP).

Bikeweek 2010
Written to CoP Lisa Scaffidi to ask for support for sundowner at North Bridge Piazza (Peter), met with Peter to look at location and discuss scope. Thinking of event starting 1530 to 2030, free bike maintenance, refreshments, movies.

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