Car licences

If I was going to murder someone, I’d use a car to do it, and then claim it was an unfortunate accident.  Might get a $100 fine and even use my licence for a period, but hey, you only have to wait a few months and they give it back to you – you don’t even have to sit a test.  As a community we pay lip service to the road toll, and our adherence to road rules is at best, vague.  Not only is speeding endemic, but we complain when caught ameliorating our irresponsibility by referring to speed cameras as ‘revenue raisers’.  Funny how that term is never used when a fine is levied for stealing or some other law breaking activity.  I’ve also been noticing an increasing tendency for motorists to run red lights, and as for using your mobile whilst driving, who takes any notice of that, I mean even if you are driving a manual you only have to take your hand off the steering wheel for a short time to change gear.  And frankly, do you really even need to get a licence, you just need the car keys.  I mean that poor bloke who had his car crushed the other day, he was so unlucky to get picked up again and again. (yes I know it was a scooter the third time.)  

The current licencing system is all about the car not the driver, yet the car is the most reliable of the two.  The emphasis should be on the driver.  I would suggest three immediate changes

  1. All drivers must be tested for their knowledge of road rules every time they renew their licence.
  2. If a driver looses their licence for whatever reason, they must retake the driving test
  3. The car should be treated as an offensive weapon, so that accidents that result in deaths or injury will be regarded as assault or at worse, murder.

That should be popular

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