GoBUG tackles missing link to Champion Lakes

The Gosnells Bicycle User Group has identified a short missing link of path that provides access to the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre which also hosts a cycling and walking track.

Anyone for Cyclocross?

Cycling is very popular in this area with many cycling events held there during the year, including the Golden Spokes, as well as recreational cycling. An unofficial track was made by residents to access the cycle and walking track via the Principal Shared Path but then the pathway was blocked via tree stumps and barbed wire.

Making her own track

Jill Woolmer (GoBUG) requested that this be removed and a short pathway to be constructed to link the principal shared path to the nearby roadway which would provide improved cycling and walking access to the community facilities.

Anyone for Cyclocross?

She was informed by the City of Armadale that it was not a high priority and that the path would not be constructed. GoBUG, Organisers of Golden Spokes, the PTA, MRWA and Bikewest have all offered their support in this campaign to get the link connected. Contact the Armadale Council and let them know how important cycling is to the health of a community.

Anyone for Cyclocross?

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