Momentum to change tax system to encourage cycling is building

The Cycling Promotion Fund has just released research which suggests that tax incentives are considered an effective motivation to encourage more Australians to cycle to work. The CPF has made a submission to the Henry Tax Review calling for changes to the current tax system including considering tax incentives for bicycles.

The CPF says it’s terrific to see that the ACT Government is considering allowing public servants choose to purchase a bike or bus ticket instead of a car, as part of their salary package. The City of Sydney is also calling for a review of the current tax system which actively encourages people to drive and does not reward those who make sustainable transport choices by cycling or catching public transport.

According to the Lord Mayor “people who contribute towards reducing congestion and pollution and the burden on our health system should be rewarded”. After months of public consultation, the Henry Tax Review panel is currently finalising its recommendations which will be presented to the Treasurer by December 2009.

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