World LD Tri Champs in Perth

This is how I train when I feel poorly.

I haven’t been able to drag myself out of bed to train in the mornings this week as I am in the grasp of a dreaded lurgie, but I did go for a recuperative spin along the river at lunchtime and was amazed at the plethora of shiny, fit looking bodies on display, until I remember that this weekend is the ITU Long Distance World Championships. Check out the web site for race times – it’s a veritable feast of triathlon, with an aquathon kicking things off on Thrusday arvo, and then the schools triathlon on Friday; and the sprint and long distance on Sunday. Course map is available here.
Lots of competitors have already arrived and are either sunning themselves ont he banks of the Swan, or getting in some last minute training along the cycleways, so make them welcome and, since there seem to be plenty of euros here (and I don’t mean the furry hopping ones) be tolerant if you find them tootling along on the wrong side of the path.
Good luck Mel Wray! and everyone else doing the event ..

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