Gatorskin Freedom

I’ve had my CRX-1 flatbar road bike for about 5 years now and it’s great. Used to riding a mountain bike with gnarly wheels, I got sick of all the sissy road-bike punctures week after week. Felt like a girl.

My car.

It took me a year of flat tyres and walking around the suburbs looking for bike shops before I discovered heavy-but-tough Gatorskin tyres.

With these beauties, I’ve had one puncture in about 3 years. They’re well worth the $60+ for each tyre when you consider that only 4 years ago I was getting punctures every – second – bloody – day. Whenever I ask the guy in the shop to replace my Gatorskins, he flatly refuses. “Not yet, Mate. there’s another coupla years in those buggers!” I’m actually looking forward to having my bloody tyres changed.

keeps the nasties out

I don’t really care about speed. But if you pump these puppies up to about 100psi, you can feel the road. A lot of people don’t like that. Some prefer the bouncy-bum bounce of seat-pole shockies or the smoochy squidge of a thick gelatinous seat saddling their glutes. Not me. I like the feel of the road.

Some say Gatorskins give a harsh ride, but I feel safer when I can feel every single crack and bump in the road. Makes me feel I’m living dangerously on my 22kmh jaunt.

Yes Siree! I love my Gatorskins.

The other alternative is the Armadillo brand . . .  famous for their reinforced, toughened walls for when you’re really fanging it around the corners.

Either brand is good, but you won’t come away with change from about $120 for the pair. Unless someone knows something I don’t (which is highly likely).

The extra weight (they are tough and a bit heavy is saved by not having to take a bike pump with you!

One thing I hate to see trackside is a poor bloke changing his tyre.

“Got a pump, Mate?”
“Sorry, Pal. Don’t carry one.”
“No need – with … Gatorskins!”

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